Name: Cocoamidopropyl Betaine (CAB)

I. Product performance
1. Excellent foaming property and thicking property;
2. Excellent solubility and compatibility;
3. Low irritation;
4. Favorable hard water resistance, anti-static property and biological degradability.

II. Technical index

Key indicators Index value
CAB-30 CAB-35
Appearance/25 colorless to light yellow liquid
Total solid content/ (%) 30±1 35±1
Sodium chloride/ (%)≤ 7.0
PH value/ (1% neutral ethyl alcohol solution)/25 6.0~8.0
Free amine/ (%)≤ 0.10

III. Usage and dosage
The product can be widely used in shampoo, bath foam, liquid soap, and household detergent.
Recommended dosage: 2~6%
V. Packing:
50kg or 200kg plastic drum.

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